Breakfast in Russia, Armenia & Georgia

Hotel breakfasts can be hit and miss.  They cater to most tastes and although can be a bit same old they are included in the tariff and it is a convenient way to start the day.  It means you have the opportunity to start the day with a cup or two or coffee or tea!  Vodka was not on offer at this time of day.

My favourite breakfast on our tour was in Yeravan.  Apart from the variation of food it was  a beautifully different eggplant (also called aubergine in parts of the world) dip that I enjoyed.  Tomato, cucumber, olives and cheese was always offered across the countries as they were in Turkey and Greece as was variations of processed meats Boiled eggs were common and a variety of bread.  There was porridge, sausages of sort and interesting vegetable dishes.  Cauliflower for breakfast?   Why not!  There were pastries and various types of bread.  There was yogurt and another favourite were figs in a sugar syrup  Whatever takes your fancy.  No judgment here and a far cry from toast and vegemite at home!

Then then was cake!  This was on our first morning in St Petersburg and a large platter of pastries were on display.  We found out later that they were baked locally in a restaurant.  It was my travelling companion’s birthday and this was the closest that there was to a birthday cake!  So we did not starve in Russia or Armenia or Georgia.  And this was a small sample of the delights of breakfast!



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