The Tatar family visit in Kazan, Russia


20190829_183049One of the highlights of our trip to Russia was a visit to a Tatar family in Kazan.

Not only was it the first trip for this family to host a bunch of foreigners but there was no English being spoken by the lovely family and our Russian was nonexistent.

Our guide was incredible and the only link between the two groups.  Their welcome was very sweet and when we saw the lunch table our stomachs groaned.   It wasn’t long since we had breakfast!  A beautiful table laden with flowers and fruits, sweets, bread and every other dish one could think of decorated the a table.

But first there was a recitation from the cutest five year old ever and a dance with his big sister.   One of the most fascinating family tree was shown to us.  Seven generations from both parents or grandparents.  A lot of research has been done to preserve the family history.

Food starting arriving at our table.  Chicken soup, a savoury meat pie, salad to start.  All home made and delicious. A crepe with mashed potato!  Dont knock it as it was a favourite amongst the group.  The table alone was groaning and so were we.  And then came cake.

This day was certainly the highlight of our Russian food tours.  It was not just about food but  so much more with their kindness and generosity.  Being welcomed into a family home with such friendliness was a memory that we will always remember.

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