Tuesdaynightcookbook club for July with Mexican food

With no particular cookbook in mind we nosed dived into food from Mexico.  I had to admit that I had been to Mexico on two trips and they were both food trips.  And had been privileged to attend a cooking class so I had a distinct advantage here.

So when a friend announced she had bought a tortilla press I decided I would try my hand at making tacos for the evening.  It couldn’t be that hard surely.  Without going into details I gave up after several failures blaming the fact I could not find the appropriate flour!  The supermarket variety were just fine instead.  Especially as they were stuffed with spicy pork slow cooked overnight with lots of herbs and spices.  The accompanying pineapple salsa proved a wonderful combination.  But the lack of true Mexican chillies may have not made it totally authentic.

Of course we started with guacamole and corn chips whilst waiting for one last diner and then headed into a delicious corn soup.  Maybe grilled corn chowder would be a more appropriate name as it was a take on the Mexican street food snack elote. It is certainly a soup that I would recreate at home!

To go with the pork tacos we had a farro and pea salad, a black bean salsa, and a barbecued corn salad with some sour cream.  I love the small tacos too as one can have such a variety of flavours.

And if we weren’t suffering from a overload of corn there was corn ice cream.  Colourful and delicious and served with three milk cake.  A basic cake but made super moist with the addition of condensed milk, evaporated milk and regular full cream milk being poured over the cake when it comes out of the oven. ( but best not to forget to make holes in the cake …with a chopstick before you pour the milk mixture over it so the cake will absoth the liquid).

We had certainly dined well so I offered a small take home bag of sweet goodies for left at home family.  These included Mexican wedding cookies, alfajores, and cat’s tongues (lenguas de gato).  So the alfajores may not be Mexican….but hell they are so good I had to make them!

What is coming up for next month?  Vietnamese feasting! And already I am enjoying My Vietnam by Luke Nguyen.  Whilst we still can’t travel interstate let alone overseas this is a way to feel more connected in our isolation.  Maybe I will have better luck making baos than tacos!

The Mexican cookbooks I researched for our feast were My Abuelo’s Mexican Feast, Mexico and Taqueria


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