Tuesdaynightcookbookclub…..April and May with Diana Henry

So after having a Tuesdaynightcookbookclub at home with each of us cooking something at home in April I thought that once we were ‘ allowed ‘ to have five people meeting I suggested we return to Diana Henry for another meal…especially as we did not all have photos of our food. My fault with limited technology knowledge.  I had never even heard of Diana Henry until recently and now i have five of her books.  You may not know I have a cookbook obsession.  Some women have an obsession with shoes or handbags  but for me it is cookbooks.

Our first ‘ at home ‘ Diana Henry cookbook club featured recipes from  her ‘ Plenty and ‘Simple ‘ which I thought appropriate as we were all having difficulties coming to term with this strange new world of Covid19.  I was convinced one day I had it and another night dreamt about having it but surviving….  Needless to say and fingers crossed we have all been well.  It was the birthday of one of our group though and so I made her a cake.  It was from Simple.….and simply delicious! Lemon and Ricotta  Ok….she snuck me a slice!  Quality control.  I also made the pumpkin and red lentil dish which was perfect for dinner for 1 in lockdown!

20200619_132110Onto May when we were excitedly getting ready for our cookbookclub dinner.  I made a Southern Italian cauliflower with fried bread crumbs, capers and anchovies. Roasting cauliflower is my favourite way to eat it…try making it into hummus.  Also Barley, parsley and pomegranate salad…so dessert was a chocolate cake with olive oil which was like a cloud cake!  Light and airy and delightful!

There was a potato salad and another dessert which was Baked apples with rye crumbs and mincedmeat (usually used for Christmas) and to start one of the best soups I have ever tasted Moroccan lentil soup with yoghurt and chile-fried onions.  And a pasta dish with broccoli.  So much goodness!

I have already posted about our June book club with Falestin.  It was another fabulous night too with exciting food and recipes.  Feel free to read.

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