June cookbookclub – Falastin

Once again we were excited with another cookbook club dinner and with the highly successful Falestin  cookbook from Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley.  For those of you unfamiliar with his name, Sami is from Palestine and Tara Wigley cowrote 20200609_142653this though Sami worked with Yotham Ottolingui on several  books.

Some of ourdishes were musaqa’a (eggplant, chickpea and tomato), spinach pies, fritters (two types…cauliflower & cumin, and pea, spinach and za’atar and preserved lemon,) labnah, warm chickpeand green chilli sauce and pita, and Hassan’s eggs with lemon and za ‘star.  And my particular favourite beetroot and feta galette.

I can rec9mmend this book ( i am not being paid for this!) But two of my friends who cooked and came for this dinner have purchaes their own copy.  Just add za’atar, cumin, sumac, green chillies, feta and a lemon tree to your shopping list!  I personally have the Middle East on my travel list ….when ever that will be but in the meantime, enjoy FALESTIN.  Perfect for sharing and winterl




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