Wild about ‘Wild’!


When I heard about another eatery opening in my adopted home town I thought…’oh no!’  We don’t need another cafe in town with places opening and closing regularly.  Not to mention eateries looking deserted.  I actually find it hard to enter a place which is open but empty!  Do you?

But then I heard about ‘Wild’!  It was to open in what was once a one hatted venue which was the former fire station!  It opened not long before Christmas with no fanfare or advertising and yet it was drawing crowds and even better for them repeat customers.

20200207_210159With family visiting for Christmas it was a lovely introduction.  Shared plates, great local wines and professional service.  My son announced his margarita was the best ever and the rest of us were happy with our local Harcourt rose.  We shared eggplant croquettes, a roasted cauliflower dish, a bean and fish dish and the roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic were perfect.  Dessert was a buttermilk pudding and a liquorice sauce and poached peach.  I had to try the liquorice sauce which was sensational.  I just wanted more.  Some crispy ricotta donuts with a lemon curd went down well.

Next visit was on New Year’s Eve which is a night I usually prefer to be in bed after the early fireworks but friends were keen to try this new place in town and a perfect venue for some celebratory drinks and food.  I always do worry slightly when I talk up a place to friends and find they are disappointed so it was a relief they were happy with my recommendation.

A charity dinner with matching wines with funds going to CFA and Wildlife after the recent bushfires in Victoria was another example of dining as I like it.  Wines donated for a silent auction added to the funds and a wonderful menu was exciting.  Some new dishes I hadn’t tried before were equally delicious.

An excuse to celebrate a friends birthday and I was back.  Her first visit and my fourth. She was happy to let me order though we both wanted to share an exquisite chocolate and fig tart.  Please keep this on the menu!

I am actually one of the nerdy sweet tooth people who checks out the dessert menu before I order anything else and sometimes wonder if customers order dessert and follow it with something savoury!   No …always savoury and then sweet!  Like at a High Tea!

20200227_194823Recent favourable media reviews have only made Wild another popular food establishment in Castlemaine and we are very delighted! And on that note will leave younwith this slice of the action.



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