Underground….st Petersburg or Russia?


The Metro system in St Petersburg and Moscow impressed me before we visited the well known beautiful decorated stations.  To compare them is impossible as they were stunning.  But what was also impressive was the cleanliness of the stations with no graffiti or litter.  The regularity of the services was extraordinary…..every ninety seconds our guide told us.  One price per journey regardless of the distance. The escalator ride to the actual station varied from in seconds to minutes.  In st Petersburg our guide advised that it was because of the number of waterways.

Perhaps what was a surprise was being offered a seat the moment you stepped on the train regardless of your sex or age.   This was done as a perfectly gesture and one that we were not expecting.

We visited both undergrounds in these huge cities and although very different were  spectacular.  Tours were offered but we managed to create our own tours with help from our mobile phones.  Whilst we may have missed out on history of the various stations we still appreciated on their grandeur and made sure our tours did not have to compete with rush hour!

Here are just some of the stations we visited.  Whilst Moscow has the reputation of having a perhaps a more grand metro I loved them both.   After all it is like choosing a favourite child!   You adore them both!

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