What do you have for breakfast?  Rick Stein recently  commented that his favourite breakfast in Greece was the yoghourt with local honey!  I cannot but agree.  This combination was SO good and I enjoyed it most days!

Toast, coffee, tea!  Fresh fruit in summer with Greek style yoghourt or rolled oats in winter with brown sugar with condensed milk (a favourite from my childhood) or a weekend bacon and eggs or today’s trendy avocado on chargrilled sourdough?  Or grab a muffin or croissant and coffee to go.

Breakfasts have changed over the years!  In fact almost anything goes! Cake! Sure or like one of my sons did not eat anything till morning tea (or recess) at school!

My preference is a slice or two of organic lemon with hot water which was something I inherited from my mother.  Something about getting rid of the toxins in your body I remember her saying!  No idea if this is correct but hopefully it can’t hurt!

Then depending on the day I will have some poached or fresh fruit and yoghourt ot toasted sourdough with honey or peanut butter!  Am not a fan of jam though I gave a notorious sweet tooth (always checking the dessert section of the menu before looking at entrees or mains!  So don’t judge me).  If I am hungry or have had a light dinner the previous evening it will be scrambled eggs or mushrooms on toast.

Fairly standard fare!

So when I travel overseas I am curious at the selection of hotel breakfasts or what the locals eat.  An expresso with a custard tart standing at the cafe counter in Portugal!  Pomegranate juice freshly squeezed with a sesame semit or bagel in Turkey..

Breakfast was included in most of out hotels served buffet style.   Olives, cheese, bread, tomatoes,  cucumber, sometimes sliced meats, bread, jams, butter, honey, pastries, yogurt, cake even and juice, tea and coffee.  It was convenient to have a hotel breakfast but it would have been fun to try a less international spread.  Some shakshuka perhaps or cilbir….the cold yogurt with garlic and a poached egg and butter.  Shakshuka is a great weekend brunch with a spicy tomatoes and capsicum stew with eggs added.  Both served with Tutkish bread.

Hotel breakfasts in Japan are fascinating and lovely with various little bowls of assorted food from rice, egg, fish, pickles, and miso soup.  I love it.  Congee is popular in Asian hotels which is a kind of rice porridge and very nutritious often served with egg or mushrooms.  I clearly remember a young Japanese student cutting up a slice of toast with a knife and fork. Fortunately he didn’t have to see me with chopsticks!

Scandinavian breakfasts too are delicious with their  crispbread with cheese and rollmops, pate, sliced meat, yogurt and fruit.  I find them very healthy and nutritious not to mention them delicious.

Next month I will be travelling….visa permitting to Russia, Georgia and Armenia.  What breakfast food will wait for us there.  Stay tuned!



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  1. As I said on other media, Georgia and Armenia are high on my bucket list. For some reason, I am not as interested in Russia. I think we will probably visit in the next few years, once Mr Tiffin finsihes work next year. Breakfast is Bircher Muesli 9/10 but when I am not working, it’s a 2 egg omelette most days as it will take me through to lunch. Fruit and yoghurt is a common mid morning snack as I feel if I have some fruit, it means I can also have a baked treat ; )


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