Our last stay in Greece.  It was a stunning hotel in the village of Kardamyli where we enjoyed a cooking class.  The drive from Kalamata to Kardamyli was not for the fainthearted as it was a windy two lane road but worth the journey.  The cooking class featured some stuffed tomatoes and capsicum, some cheese pies and a dessert with yoghourt.  We needed more cooking classes!

The following morning we were advised not to wear a colorful clothing as our visit included a trip to an aviary (bee keeping) and olive groves.  Who knew bees did not like colours?

But first breakfast at our lovely hotel.  I could not believe seeing a friend from Australia.  Anne ..with whom I used to play tennis with about ten or more years ago.  I mean had I known Anne was staying here and with her identical twin I would have dressed up for the occasion.

Not only did I play tennis with these women  (of course I was a better player) but Anne’s son worked for my eldest son in Sydney and  her daughter is best friends with my daughter in law to be!  They were staying at the hotel celebrating their older sisters significant birthday.   What a delightful surprise!

Previously I had come across at an laundromat in Lisbon a young Aussie guy who had attended the same high school as did two of my sons in Sydney.  We had a great chat.  The world is getting smaller….

But here on our visit to learn about bees and olive oil we enjoyed a simply delicious treat with our coffee.  Freshly made galaktoboureko!  Still warm from the oven.  It is still on my list of ‘ must make’ back in Australia.  Heaven on a plate and I could have eaten the whole dish.

Our final dinner at the hotel was equally delicious including a cooking class in the kitchen.   Delicious food and wine and friends made.

It was a four hour comfortable bus trip back to Atlens with a stop at one of the most incredible man made canals one could imagine.  Having a fear of heights it made it difficult to me to photograph successfully especially with the wind….let alone bungy jump from this location.  I felt relieved that my youngest son wasn’t here to share this experience as I am sure the jump would have appealed to him.  The canal itself was built in the last century from Hungarian engineers.  The view was stunning however.

Onto Athens and overnight at the hotel where our trip started from ten days ago.  Drinks from the rooftop bar with a view of the Acropolis in the distance. New friends and cherished memories and a list of new dishes to make on our return.  Just the long trip home to face up to the realities of a normal life until next time.  Goodbye Greece!



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