When a friend asked me where we were going in Greece and I told her one of the places was ‘Nafplio’ she told me she had been there and it was lovely!  And it was!

But it was a day of visiting ancient sites and I have to come clean here.  History …particularly of the ancient kind is not my thing and I do feel guilty that I am not really interested in it.  Was one of the reasons the ancient history teacher I had in high school made it SO boring that I would gaze out the window.  I should have done something more suitable but even the ‘ home economics ‘ teacher was not much more my cup of tea.  So sorry to my parents for spending a fortune on my boarding school fees which could have been put to better use.

So I am sorry that I did not appreciate one of the best preserved theatres of ancient Greece but my travelling companions really enjoyed the day.  But I did enjoy visiting the museum and preferred going onto Mycenae to visit the Treasury of Atreus also known as Tomb of Agamemnon.


Nafplio was our next stop and it was very charming.  Our hotel was centrally located and a short walk along the waterfront.  After an orientation walk and an Italian icecream (mine was flavoured with sour cherry) with even more cats sunning themselves we headed to an ouzo tasting.

Although ouzo is not a popular drink in Australia except if perhaps your family is from the Mediterranean we were looking forward to hear about the history and family producing this special drop.  Remarkably this family business was started in 1869 so this is the fifth generation producing the drop.  Usually served with half alcohol and half water which makes it cloudy it is enjoyed as an aperitif with maybe some olives or cheese and bread.

Flavoured with herbs like fennel, star anise, coriander, cardamom or ginger it is a perfect summer drink.  My preference is with some ice and there is no need to refrigerate. Hopefully I will do a blog on the ouzo later with some of the wines we tasted from local wineries during our tour.  And yes I did purchase a bottle to bring home which yes sits  next to the mescal from Mexico.  What a souvenir!

Dinner that night was  ‘ fast food Greek style’ and I have never tasted the sort of kebab which is popular with the generation who stop for a snack on the way home from a night on the town at about 3am.  For a few euros we enjoyed a beer with a souvlaki or gyros.  Perhaps this place was a bit special for me as the owner gave me a souvenir of a paper table cloth which was written in Greek and depicted recipes of the food…all animal food!  No vegan food here.   I was happy to roll it up and bring it home in my hand luggage.  If has now been framed and awaits being hung in my kitchen.

We leave Nafplio and head to Kalamata.  Our guide promises us a tour of the local fruit and vegetable  market and a visit to a special restaurant – her family restaurant  and where she works when she is not a tour guide.  She is also a chef!

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