Kalamata…market and lunch

This perhaps is what I have been looking forward to most.  I love visiting markets in foreign countries and when you have a local showing it to you it is so much more interesting and fun!

But first a coffee and visit to maybe the prettiest sweet shop I have seen in a long time.  I chose a tin which was beautiful and contained chocolate coated fig and walnuts.  I could have done serious damage here but was mindful of my expanding backpack.  There were other cakes, biscuits and sweet treats.  Just add well we were being dragged off to the market!

We had samples of local produce….cheese, olives and bread washed down with some rose and yes maybe 11 am.  The produce from the vegetables, meats and freshly caught fish was starting to make us feel hungry and we headed back to lunch.  Our guide for the trip was called Sylvia and this was her family run and owned restaurant so it was special for all of us.  Her lovely mum, Anna was the chef and I think one of Sylvia’s brothers was the manager and owner.  I asked Sylvia how the financial situation in Greece affected their restaurant.  She said business was still good though customers perhaps had takeaway instead of eating in as they could could still have good food and would perhaps add a salad to their takeaway.  She said everyone really had to work harder for less.  Maybe the world over though I am pleased that Greece is a lovely country and tourism probably is what is keeping the country going.

Onto lunch though and the moussaka was as promised the best in Greece.  We shared some delicious vegetable dishes and the saganasi was more morish.  Wine was served in interesting metal containers which I purchased a few of to use as vases at home.  Dessert was perhaps my favourite of the trip and something I must learn to make when I return but only when I have friends to share it or I might eat it all.

Such a lovely lunch on a beautiful sunny day in a wonderful part of the world but we aren’t staying here.  Our last few days will be spent on the coastal town and we are off.  Next up Kardamyli on the rugged coastal region of the Mani Peninsula.  And a surprise awaits!



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