It would have been relaxing to have an extra day in the Alentejo Farmstay but we were heading to the UNESCO listed city of Evora which is capital of the region.  The ancient Roman Temple and the Cathedral which is a massive 12th century structure are delightful though the Chapel of bones we missed for better of worse as we had a lunch to attend.  It had been recommended and was lovely.

Origens was a small one hatted restaurant off the main path between the main square and the Cathedral.  We chose our own dishes rather than sharing though we were offered complimentary tidbits to start.  Marinated carrots, olives, flavoured butter (including beetroot), and bread.  I had never tasted ‘medlar’ before though had seen the fruit from the trees.  So I chose a ‘ medlar confit with honey, cheese and watercress’ and followed it with ‘panfried scallops with cauliflower puree’ which was totally addictive.  Another favourite was ‘cured mackeral with peppers and tomato salad’ and a interesting ‘ bread sausage’. And a lovely prawn dish too.  Dessert was left up to the chef  or dessert of the day.  It was a sponge cake with lemon curd, fresh and macerated cherries and a delicious crumb.

But lunch over and some window shopping done and we were onto Lisbon.


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