The third Tuesday Night Cook Book Club


With an election imminent it was political journalist and TV and media personallity Annabel Crabb who with her long time friend Wendy Sharpe have written two cookbooks with which we can choose a recipe to prepare and share this month.  ‘Special Delivery’ was followed by ‘Special Guest.’

Previously I have cooked several recipes from both books but wanted to choose a new one as this is what it is all about.  Cooking or baking something new or otherwise the purpose is defeated.  I have cooked her pea and mint tartlets several times but I needed something new too especially with a glut of pastry already on the menu.  There was the Salmon and Fennel Pie and Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Tarte Tatin.  I chose a (OK yet another) Bundt cake.  This time a Cherry and Ricotta one and because I wanted to I made a Chocolate Cloud cake with rose petals and pomegranite because one of the group restricts her gluten intake.

The highlight of the night was the Harira Soup.  In fact I could have just eaten a big bowl of this and be very contented.  Certainly it was cooked with love and better than I have ever had in Morocco.

Another joyful dish and beautifully presented in a lovely Middle Eastern inspired bowl was the Winter Tabbouleh.  Freshly prepared and delicious!  There were Glass Potatoes.

Next month I will be away on food trips in Turkey, Greece and Portugal but have suggested Rick Stein’s INDIA will be our cookbook for the month especially as two of the group already have this book so sharing is easier.

With the popularity and pleasure of wanting to join our night of feasting I might have to revamp the club especially as I am planning a spice inspired winter menu with Moroccan and Turkish food and maybe even a start a  vegetarian club.

Happy Noshing!

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