Tuesday Night Cookbook Club 2

Our second night for my newly established cooking club rolled around very quickly and I think we were all excited to be catching up again though there was a slight problem in choosing a dish from the three cookbooks from the Monday morning cookbook club as there were too many fascinating recipes.

Although I had cooked a lot of the recipes out of all three books I wanted a new recipe so chose the  Custard Chiffon cake.  No one else was doing a dessert and no one I was sure had the special cake tin required!  Who else but me would have it…the queen of cakes tins (and cook books!)  After all my tin and book collection borders on extravagant!  The tin by the way does not need to be buttered and floured as the mixture needs to stick to the tin (there are a lot of whisked egg whites which makes it a light and airy and delicious.  Then when the cake is baked the tin must be tipped up side down and wait till it is completely cold before you extract it! Not for the novice or amateur baker.

But first things first:

  • Cabbage Rolls
  • A pumpkin and sweet corn salad with a tahini dressing
  • A Zucchini and cheese gratin
  • A Eggplant and Lamb dish.
  • Mujadara : rice and lentils with onions

And to start we had some smoked salmon blinis with homegrown horseradish sauce.

One would never have known that these dishes would complement a smorgasbord so well.  There always seems to be leftovers so we can all take home something for lunch the next day or freeze.  I was happy to offer my gorgeous chiffon cake.  More cake is something I don’t need but was happy to freeze some cabbage rolls and enjoyed some of the salad, ri and eggplant & lamb to take for work the following day.

Then of course the discussion for next month’s dinner and as we have an election looming I suggested well known and loved Annabel Crabb who along with her friend  Wendy Sharpe have written ‘Special Guest’ and ‘Special Delivery.’  Annabel has fed and interviewed many of the nation’s politicians and they are great recipes and interesting reads.  Can’t wait!


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