Tuesday Night Cookbook Club

It was just an idea! To combine my monthly bookclub with my wine appreciation course!  Meet with like minded people who enjoy good food and meet once a month to bring a plate of home cooked food to share from a favourite cook book! 

Having moved from Sydney to Castlemaine a few years ago I missed those local cafes serving a variety of cuisines where one can meet up with family and friends any night of the week where one can pick up a bottle of wine at the bottle shop or if you are lucky enough your own personal cellar.

I chose ‘Simple’ from Ottolenghi and I asked around.  No money would change hands.  Bring a bottle of something to enjoy if wanted and I would supply chilled flavoured mineral water.  The only requirement ….the desire to try a new dish…a little out of ones comfort zone to bring and share with five other people.  Bring it warm or room temperature!

Finding five enthusiasts was easy and I chose a Tuesday night.  I checked to see we did not have five cheese cakes or three tomato salads.  We had two desserts and a brilliant array of dishes from ‘Simple’.  They were all vegetarian although this wasn’t a prerequisite and ranged from

  • Roasted baby carrots with harissa and pomegranate;
  • Burrata with grilled red grapes and basil;
  • Cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad;
  • 5 spice peach and raspberry salad;
  • Baked rice with confit tomatoes and garlic.
  • There was beet, caraway and goat cheese bread.

Dessert was

  • cake with hazelnut, peach and raspberries
  • and a delightful rhubarb and strawberry custard.

Yes!  All so delicious and I think as I was going to bed that I had eaten too much!

Next month we agreed that the Monday Morning Cooking Club books would be on the table and I am particularly excited as I have been to a cooking demonstration by these women.  They..I think they were six of them started meeting on a ….Monday morning to cook and bake recipes from their relatives to keep the food alive.  Then they started telling stories of how the food evolved all over the world.  So the books…there are now three with a fourth planned not only have recipes but have a history too.  And the fourth one is going to be on sweet things!  Until next month….goodbye from the first Tuesday Night cookbook club.

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