Possum Gully Road Studio Gallery

With a name like Possum Gully Road  I felt I had to visit.  A friend recommended the gallery and I was on the lookout for a new place to visit as one of my New Year Resolutions to visit more of rural Victoria where I moved to a few years ago from the North Shore of Sydney.

The trip from Castlemaine to Maryborough is a pleasant one with sheep, cattle and crops which reminds me of my childhood on the Darling Downs in Queensland though different at the same time.  This area has a history of gold mining and I love to see the ruins of times past and I wish that I knew more about the purposes of these buildings.  If only they could talk.

Possum Gully Road is about a four kilometers on the other side of Maryborough on the road to Avoca but it is very well signposted.  Probably just as well too as perhaps it is not where one would expect a gallery on a country road with farms on both sides of the road.

The Gallery is a purpose build mud brick building close to the owners personal residence.  It is in a beautiful garden which forms a natural background for garden sculpture.  The gallery  has been operating for over twenty years and is open on weekends and public holidays.  Exhibitons are held from time to time and unfortunately I was too late for the latest one through there was ample art to admire and appreciate together with some lovely gift cards.

I had missed the previous  exhibition last year called ‘A cat among pigeons’ though there were a few unsold art works still on sale.  It was an exhibition featuring cats and birds that are free, feral or domesticated in landscape, interiors gardens and captivity.  Sounded exciting!  I will look forward to the next exhibition.


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