MooovingArt in Shepparton Victoria

I don’t make New Years Resolutions as I tend not to keep them.  I mean have I never lost weight or done more exercise.  I have not learnt another language though I have tried and I know better than most I have not been  more kind or tolerant of people that maybe I should have done!  So it is better that I have more positive outcomes….travel to more challenging countries, read more and enjoy life! and take day trips from where I now live.  In country Victoria …a whole new state to explore.

Already I have been to visit the Maryborough Railway Station….blog coming up on that but more recently it was a trip to Shepparton – a two hour road trip from Castlemaine.  My trusty companion SusieQ was in  her usual seat in the car on her comfortable bedding.  If you have not heard about her previously she is my rescue and retired greyhound.  Never do I hear ‘Are we there yet?’ or ‘I am thirsty or hungry or bored’.  She simply curls up in the back seat and nods off.  Even no comments on the music.

It had been my intention to visit the renowned art gallery but on the way into town we stopped off for a coffee and it was there I saw some ‘cows’.  These are not the normal cows but are brightly coloured fibreglass ones and are spread all over town.  I think there must be almost one hundred of them though we only managed to find about twenty.

Called Moooving Arts these brightly coloured ‘cows’ are 3D life sized works of art and are unique in Australia with local and international artists responsible.

I have been a fan of the  Australia Silo Trail but this is quite charming and colourful.  Do I have a favourite? No it is like having a favourite child but they certainly bring a smile to your face and probably even more important attract tourists passing through town to stop, take a photo or two and have a cup of coffee or lunch before heading off remembering that place with the cows.

And if you are wondering why cows were chosen Shepparton is renouned for its dairy industry and well as fruit and vegetables.

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