Maryborough Railway Station

The first time I visited Maryborough I was very surprised when I first glimpsed the stunning railway station.  It would have looked more at home I thought in a European city or at least in a large city rather than a small country town in rural Victoria  It certainly was very grand.  It was built in 1890 – 1891 in the Queen Victoria style with an extensive platform and a spectular veranda.  There was a formal dining room which is now a lovely cafe.  Recently I attended a book release and vowed that I would return to enjoy a meal at the cafe.

Mark Twain  visited Maryborough in 1895 and reportedly said Maryborough was a railway with a town attached.  Stories abound of the reason of this magnificent station.  There was one that it was supposedly for Maryborough in Queensland and another due to the gold discoveries in the area of the Goldfields area.  Other rumours abound which make the history of of town more interesting.

I loved the carved Ticket office box window and the timber used in the ceiling supposedly elaborate Oak or Australian Mountain Ash and the tessellated floor.  The clock is quite amazing too.

If you are heading to Maryborough or passing through take time out to stop and take a look at the beautiful Railway Station.  It will be a memorable experience to look at times past in this lovely town.

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