Mt Tarrengower Lookout and Cascade Art Maldon


View of tower Mt Tarengower

A family visit to Maldon before Christmas prompted a visit to Mt Tarrengower on the outskirts of this lovely little town just a half hour drive from Castlemaine.  Maybe it was because of the renouned Hill Climb, an annual event but that is another story as I was accompanied by my three sons.

The lookout at Mt Tarrengower has recently had a face lift and certainly looked mighty fine.  I don’t cope well with heights so it was up to the men to take the steps up to the top where they met Peter Skilbeck who is a ‘fire spotter’ and admire the view.  On a clear day one can see up to 80 to 100 km with views to Mt Alexander,  Mt Macedon, Mt Franklin and Cairn Curran Reserve.  Peter scans the local countryside for environmental changes from December to April for 12 hours a day.  That is 116 days for this human fire spotter.  Peter has been spotting since 1996.

The Tower was constructed in 1923 and is on three levels with two of them being accessible by the public.    It was constructed  using a puppet head from the Commet Mine in nearby Bendigo. There is a picnic area and bench seat.    Tarrengower is believed  be an aboriginal word ‘big rough hill’.

Another attraction to Maldon is the recently opened Cascade Art at the former Gothic Revival church.  This is a wonderful asset to the town and the church has been elegantly changed to display prints, books, paintings, sculptures,  cards and gifts.  A bonus is the quality framing work done on site.  Our visit just before Christmas displayed two walls of small prints on a vivid red background.  The owner Careen explained they had expected about 30 artworks for display but ended up with almost 100.  Many of these were sold on the opening night and would have made much appreciated Christmas gifts.  Each artist who contributed were asked to supply a 8 by 8 inch panel and paid $25 to have their art work displayed.  No commission was charged and the framing was done by the Art Framing department on site. Cant help but be a little envious to those were to receive these gems.  But looking forward to the next exhibition of art work which opens later in the month.

There is a lot more to do and see in Maldon….

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