Travelling again….and a fine romance!

I like to travel!  And it is important for me to get outside of my comfort zone and see what it over the mountain or see or next town or village.  For me it is not the same place, the same time  with the same crowd and doing the same thing!  But on the other hand ten days on a barge travelling through France could be tolerated with stops for wine, cheese and a baguette with some special friends or family or a week on a Croatian island out of season where the crowds have not descended. Would be inviting and I know just where one might be.

And there are hundreds or thousands of holiday makers who like to spend a few weeks in a tent in a coastal area every January – which offers memories of a lifetime.  Fishing, playing beach cricket or volleyball, getting sunburnt or bitten by a jelly fish or mosquitoes or playing with kids at the caravan two doors over.  Memories are made of this.

My next adventure is a little different.  Last year it was Japan and South Korea and before that North Morocco, Spain and Portugal and more recently it was Croatia (take me back) and the Balkan States.

It is FLORIDA!  One could not choose a more distant destination and this time it includes family and a lot of friends and it is an important ceremony – the wedding of one of my three sons.

My middle or as I prefer to call it – second born son spent a semester as part of hs university course ‘studying’ at Disneyworld in Orlando.  One of his roles was one of the Disney characters who will remain nameless but there he met and fell in love with a gorgeous girl from Tennessee.  She was also working and studying there.

Seven or so years on they have lived in Europe and worked in Australia and the US and are getting married.

When they first announced Florida was the wedding destinnation we all thought…well where are we going to go after the celebrations.  Whilst I chose Mexico there was another who decided on Jamaica, another Texas and also Nashville.  New York City and Colombia were shortlisted.

Weddings in our family have been few and far between but this one is going to be fun and I think American and Australian wedding are a little different.  ‘Bucks’ and ‘Hens’ nights are a similiar activity for both countries but the rehearsal dinner is new for us Aussies though I have seen them in American movies.  And the bride making a speech is different though I understand that the former Ms Markle made a speech at the Royal Wedding earlier in the year to her prince.  There is the dinner to meet the bride’s family (what could go wrong!).  Then the bridal shower and for us visiting Aussies hosting the morning after brunch though in our case maybe a barbeque or shrimp on the barbie.

The outfits though as there are no jeans, denin jackets, shoulder bags or sneakers.  It is heels, a clutch (in my case one big enough to hold my tablet for photos), appropriate dress with jacket.  There is the navy linen with pearls for the rehearsal dinner and something casual and smart for the meet the bride’s family.  All these extras do not want to be added to my backpack for travelling through Mexico so will hopefully make it home with family.

One can only hope and wish this young couple a long and happy life together.  It is not easy falling in love with someone from a foreign country and want to be together.  Dealing with visas and work permits is not for the faint hearted or an empty wallet.

Being the mother of three sons I welcome this gorgeous, young, intelligent, kind. sweet and thoughtful daughter in law to our family.

Here’s to you Nick and Jenn…may your best years be ahead of you.  So proud of you both. And I will try not to cry!

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