Bendigo Pottery

A cold and wet Monday was perfect for the long awaited visit to Bendigo Pottery – surely one of the towns most popular tourist attractions.

Bendigo Pottery is the oldest working pottery in Australia and dates back over 160 years when it was started by a Scottish  settler.  Established in 1858 it has operated continuously since then.

The large factory on site continues to make all of the Bendigo Pottery which is for sale.  I picked up some classic pieces which I have put aside for gifts.  School holidays are well catered for with pottery lessons too though these are not just for children either.  I was delighted to see two young children having their first lesson in ‘clay play’.  There is a cafe on site though I heading off for a lunch date so I will have to wait till next visit for that together with a Antiques and Collectables Centre visit.  It has over 40 individual antique dealers.  The Studios and Galleries have a range of ceramics, paintings and jewellery for sale from local potters and artists.  Individual artist’s studios include printmaking, photography, painting, textiles and sculpture and are on site as is a Function Centre for celebrations too.

This must surely one of the town’s gems.  Bendigo has a wonderful history of gold mining and this is just of of the most interesting attractions.

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