When Bundt meets Chiffon

These two cakes have a lot in common but are worlds apart.  They are both lime flavoured as a result of a bag of them from a friend grown locally. One is cooked in a bundt tin and the other a chiffon tin or angel cake tin.

One is light and fluffy and very elegant whilst the bundt is a firm, strong and a stayer.  Their similarities are that they have often a risk in being removed from their respective tins.  Both have funnels which makes them cook evenly though.  I feel bundt are European and the chiffon ones are from the USA.  But my recipes are from two of my favourite Australians – Donna Hay and Lorraine Elliott.

Donna is a very successful food writer and has a succession of magazines, cook books and television programmes.  Lorraine is one of the most influential food and travel bloggers and allaround foodie.  She daily puts a new recipe on her blog.

The recipe for the bundt cake is from Donna and Lorraine had provided the chiffon cake recipe.  I have changed the recipes from lemon to lime and I have made some lime curd for serving and the duck eggs from a local are always welcome for baking.

The similiarity though is removing them from their respective.  As scary as it is there is no baking paper or butter/oil to put in the tin.  One simply turns the cake upside down to let it cool completely before gently edging it out.  Some recipes call for the funnel to be turned on a bottle but my tin has little discs which allow for it to cool.  By not greasing the tin the cake mixture adheres to the sides of the tin thus making it very light.  Admittedly I was a little concerned the first time I made it but it worked perfectly.  Lorraine always gives great advice…especially if one is a little reluctant.

The bundt tin however needs to be well greased so that it will come out all in one pieces …something that does not always happen to me even if I repeat the recipe PERFECTLY.  There are those who say you must refrigerate the tin so that when you liberally rub softened butter into every crevice and then dust it with flour it will come out freely.  Then I read that if you use spray oil and dust it with icing sugar it will come out smoothly.  I am still out on every method but love to make bundt cakes as they look so festive…even an ordinary recipe.  And my bundt cake tin collection is a serious addiction.

Regardless what you bake enjoy!  Everyone loves a cake which is made with love.

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