Brunch- Saff’s Cafe

When my family come to town – think strapping lads with a healthy appetite and I ask them where they would like to have brunch there is not much of a hesitation. ‘SAFFS is a favourite.  It is a family choice which also appeals to their girlfriends.  The Big Brekfast is popular ….especially after a night out and the girlfriends tend to prefer the Vegan and Vegetarian options….and the Smashed Avocado  which is very generous.  I can’t go past the hollandaise with poached eggs and either ham, spinach or smoked salmon.  The coffee is excellent and comes quickly.  The pancakes look delicious and the BLEAT is another favourite of mine.

The lunch menu changes regularly and I am always disapointed I have not been back for their desserts which are made in house.  I had a serious crush on the cheese cake with blueberries last time I visited.

There is an outdoor courtyard which  is perfect for warmer days.  I have friends though who will remain nameless who actually go to Saff’s every day for breaklast and read the newspapers and I think do the crossword.  Weekends they change their choice.  That is not a bad recommendation is it?

Yet another wonderful brunch choice in Castlemaine.  Open every day too!

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