Brunch -Fig

I love to take friends from out of town to Fig to see what our town of Castlemaine has to offer.  Fig is a charming and elegant cafe and like many of the towns cafes has an outdoor courtyard which is lovely on a warm spring day.  Fig also has accommodation several nights a week which I hear is gorgeous too.

Persian eggs on grilled sourdough with crispy bacon, Persian feta and dukkah is delicious but when I am feeling more virtuous…in need of more greens in my life I opt for the Smashed edamane, pea, and avocado on sourdough with goats cheese.  I have actually though what a tasty dip this would make as a party dish. Other choises include Jerusalem Artichoke and Kipfler Gratin with Brandade Crust as well as a Spicy sweetcorn and coriander fritters with chilli jam.

The service here has always been very good with coffee coming quickly.  The dessert section is a very attractive one and changes daily.  If I come later in the day and order their salad combination which is available after 12 noon I feel I can sneak in a sweet treat.  Fig is open from Tuesday to Saturday

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