Brunch – North Kitchen

When I moved from the North Shore of Sydney where I had lived for decades to Castlemaine I commented I would need to go to Melbourne for a decent cup of coffee.  Little did I realise that coffee and cafes here are wonderful and I reluctantly admitted I was VERY wrong.  But maybe my comment reflected growing up in rural Queensland where a coffee consisted of a mug of instant coffee with some fluffed up milk.  I know it is very different now.  We have become a nation of coffee drinkers with specific preferences….with soy, almond or decaffinated.

To go with coffee of course there is food and brunch is a favourite for weekenders and locals and not just avocado lovers.  So I want to do a series of blogs on local cafes who serve great brunches.  I dont want it to be a personal thing  so I asked a group of friends and relatives which their favourite is and why.  Somewhere to take visitors from Melbourne or interstate or in my case my family which includes three sons with healthy appetities or my sister who eats like a bird or a vegetarian or vegan or someone dairy free or with gluten intolerance.  And somewhere where it  is not so noisy that you can’t communicate with your dining companions or even alone.

After a career in hospitality I am always just impressed when I enter a cafe to have a smile from a staff member with a ‘Hi how are you today?’  Some water and a drink order and a menu.  Not too hard but trained staff helps you relax and enjoy your meal.

North Kitchen has reopened after a extension to include what was a shop.  It has been nicely done in keeping with the original decor with timber floors and tables.  Pleasant background music and customers reading local or international newspapers or using their laptops.  We were pleased to see the Brekky Roll still on the menu.  It is a panini roll lightly toasted with aoli, crispy bacon, two eggs still with gooey centres and sliced tomato and some greens. $13.50 and the coffee perfectly acceptable.

I look forward to the warmer weather too so one can once again sit in the courtyard but in the newly furbished front room is just fine too.


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1 Response to Brunch – North Kitchen

  1. Stacy says:

    Your little town sounds so charming! I’m glad it has everything you need and more.


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