Have you ever dreamed about writing a best seller or even have something published in a travel magazine one reads on a long flight to fill in time?

It had never been a fantasy of mine until we made our way from Split by a comfortable catamaran to Korcula a gorgeous historic fortified town on the east coast of the island of…..Korcula!

We were sitting in the outdoor dining area of our hotel (so no hot water and a toilet where you needed to be an acrobat to use in comfort and wifi only in the lobby but hey who cares…) and one could look out on the bay to see a small fishing boat heading out to hopefully come home with something for the market or family. Is this paradise until a group of young backpackers  (no not Aussies ) light up an after breakfast cigarette.  Living in Australia it has become socially unacceptable to smoke in  public but hey it is the normal here.

But imagine. ..apart from the lack of hot water and an intolerance of smokers moving here to write that novel.  The perfect place!  Breakfast on a similiar patio…a stroll to the village, maybe visit a museum or church and head back to your computer or lap top inspired to write for a few hours intrigued by the architecture or ambiance.   The tourists devouring some local icecream or some pastries with coffee. No massive cruise ships here unloading day tourists.  Or maybe straight to work with a break for lunch at a local and undiscovered restaurant for some fish and salad with a glass or two of a local wine.  Another expresso.

Daydreaming over and we are off for a wine tasting morning towards Lombardi beach by bike.  Two white varieties are sampled Grk and Posip which have been produced here for centuries.  Both are a great addition to go with fish and cheeses.I

An afternoon to relax after bike riding and wine and cheese tasting or wander round the old town and we were off to a small village called Pupnat by local bus for dinner.  This was possibly my favourite meal on the tour.  Local produce was used throughout as was the wine.  From the delicious pasta dishes and there were three varieties to the gorgeous sweet platter it was a fitting farewell to our all too brief affair to Korcula for tomorrow we take a ferry and a bus to Dubrovnik.

Hopefully I will be back but maybe not to attempt that best seller but something less adventurous…….never say never!

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