Breakfast…Croatia and the Balkans

It is said that the most important meal of the day is breakfast or eat like a king for breakfast and pauper for dinner!

Whilst I might toast some sourdough with vegemite or peanut butter for breakfast at home or maybe scramble some eggs with some fresh herbs or if I am showing more restraint two boiled eggs does the trick. But breakfast in Croatia and the Balkan countries at our hotels and home stays took us to a new level.  A breakfast buffet was the norm though one of my favourites was a Macedonian donuts called mekiki which was served at our homestay and made by the hosts.  Not for the faint hearted perhaps they were deep fried and served with homemade jam or local cheese washed down with a yoghourt drink.  Follow it with an expresso and you are set for the day.

Another favourite was the burek – often baked in a large circular pan with layers of thin pastry and filled with a cottage cheese or meat.  These were served in wedges and again a substantial size.  Fortunately we did a lot of walking!

One hotel in Kosova kept their opinions open though and served a breakfast plate with an egg (boiled one morning and fried the next), tomato, cucumber, cheese, ham, butter, jam and ajvar (this is a popular spread found across the Balkans and Croatia which is made from roasted red peppers and is delicious).  But wait there was more there were olives,  honey and a wedge of cream cheese.  And bread!  And coffee of course too.

We had omlette and pastries.  Pastries were sweet or savoury with generous servings. …freshly baked and warm out of the bread shop.  The problem was choosing which one or ones!   Too many choices.   Sweet pastries were often served with jam, custard or nutella.  Certainly no avocado toast or fruit bowls here!

But the most memorable breakfast would have to be our scrambled eggs with truffles.  I remember hearing that you can’t have too much truffles and that is true!  These were so rich and delicious and we ate them after our truffle hunt where we did find some truffles thanks to the fine sniffing by the owners dogs.  Our host was very generous and added sliced truffles when she was cooking the eggs and then grated more on top.  They were addictive and totally delicious.

Memories of Croatia and the Balkan states.

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