Pag Island

Pag Island is off the coast of Croatia and is the fifth largest.  We visited it on route to Zadar half way through our wonderful Food and Wine trip with Intrepid.  I had expected to be catching a ferry across to the island but there is a 300 metre bridge from the mainland to the southern part of the island.

The island has (apparently) a reputation of being a party island (close enough to Zadar with frequent air services and connecting busses).  But our trip was to become better acquainted for what it is also renowned for….lace, salt and cheese and a delicious lunch!

The terrain is interesting!  It looks like what I imagined the moon scape with barren, rocky landscape would be like.  This is a result of the wind which brings a sea mist that settles on the vegetation resulting with a salty taste.  Sheep live on this grass and bush so the flavour of the lamb has a  salty and unique taste.

The old town of Pag is lovely, quiet and unspoilt.   Probably not on the party scene! We spent a few hours wandering here, visiting the lace museum (lace making still taught in schools to keep the art alive), the salt museum and visiting the famous pag cheese shops (which were were to taste later in the day).

Salt has a long history on the island dating back to the 7th century.  Wars have been fought over salt in years past.  It was considered to be as important as gold.  Solena Pag salt is the largest producer of table salt in Croatia.

Our lunch  consisted of some of the famous Pag cheese made from the milk of the sheep.  Sadly we did not see any of the sheep or them being milked or the cheese making process.  The cheese was delicious as was the lamb.  The lamb was cooked – ‘peka’ style which is a traditional  Croatian method.  Peka is a domed lid or metal bell which is placed over a pan or stone slab and covered with burning charcoal.  The meal is usually served with potatoes.  I love potatoes!   Deliciousness!

Our all too brief visit was concluded and we were off to Zadar.  Salt, lace and cheese and so much more!


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