Cooking Class

Our last night in the picturesque city of Ljubljana and we are off to our first cooking class of the tour which also included wine tasting of local wines.

Simply called Cook Eat Slovenia it was held  in a small but well equipped kitchen/dining area close to the funicular and run by a talented young woman and a male assistant.  She explained the cooking school had been operating for almost five years and incorporared using local food and  wine.   Ironically perhaps we are not familiar with wine from Slovenia but she explained that most of the production is consumed locally.   This was confirmed to us in Croatia as well.  With a population of only four million and a huge number of tourists each year there is simply not enough for export.

Onto the food though!  She had prepared some of the starters earlier and these included some quenelles of cottage cheese mixed with sour cream with wild garlic, and another which was my favourite was with pumpkin oil.  This was totally a new flavour for us and had a nice nutty flavour.  I was happy to purchase a bottle of this oil a few days later and even more excited that it survived the rest of the tour…heavily wrapped in clothing.  I would have preferred some crisp bread or lavash instead of the thick chunks of bread which made it very filling.  Our favourite started was a pork pate which was served in a beautiful round wooden old fashioned container.   Cheese was on the menu too served with a local jam.   This was something we were to experience on many of our tastings.

Our main course was poached chicken breast served with an asparagus and buckwheat risotto type dish.  A lemony sourcream/ yoghourt dish was served alongside this.  We helped with the preparation of this dish as we did with making the pastry for the dessert.  Our pastry was very thin and rolled with more cottage cheese and a surprise of tarragon which I have not seen in a sweet dish but married well.  Some roasted apple or raisins macerated in some rum would have been a lovely alternative.

Regrettably the promised recipes were not emailed onto us as promised so I cannot add àny …just photos of our wonderful cooking class and wine tasting.  But a lovely evening full of laughter, good times with new friends.

Goodbye Ljubljana.

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