I had planned to take a break from my brief blogging life to come on a food journey.  Then I arrived in Ljubljana.

When I first decided to take a food trip to Slovenia,  Croatia and the Balkan States I couldn’t pronounce  Ljubljana let alone spell it.  It did not slip off the tongue….

But arriving here was a thrill.  After a cold autumnal spell in Victoria a sunny spring day greeted me.  Clean air, blue skies and green grass (no drought here) and beautiful  Ljubljana.  This is the first day of my trip and I am loving it.  Most people can navigate their way around a new city with Google maps or a town map but I have no sense of direction.  Then I came here and with a business card from the hotel and a map it was a breeze.  Admittedly I was a little jet lagged…three flights.  Melbourne to Abu  Dhabi,  to Belgrade and finally here.

So many beautiful old buildings,  lush green parks, clean streets where you are more likely to be hit by a bicycle than a car, a lovely river and a food market. I had just eaten breakfast (5.5 euros) with coffee and a plate of cheese, salami, tomatoes, butter and bread.  Heaven on a plate and great for people watching to boot.

Looking at the map I discovered a food market close by so I hot footed there to find an amazing away of interesting food from fruit sushi, colourful burgers (some vegan), amazing preserved meats, ice cream rolls, a pasta dish served from a giant cheese wheel and so much more.  If only I had not eaten breakfast!

Breakfast was included in our hotel and was European style with cheese, ham, boiled eggs,  a variety of breads (I particularly enjoyed the rye with pumpkin seeds), yoghourt, juice and of course coffee.

My intention was to take the funicular up to the Castle, have a wander around and then take a leisurely boat trip along the river but then I found another market on my way there which was being set up with the most beautiful array of the freshest  fruit and vegetables.  The cherries were irresistible and I purchased a bag of them to snack on whilst taking the boat trip. Strawberries and stone fruits were plentiful as were the vegetable selection but I wanted to see the castle before the hoards of tourists descended on it.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the view was specular as was the history of the castle.  But I  will save that for another day.   I have a boat to catch and more sights and sounds of Ljubljana.

Tomorrow we head to Lake Bled for more fairytale scenery.

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