Cake Tin Fetish

I have already written about my bundt cake collection.  Sad but true though there is something else I collect – and like the bundt tins I use them – everyday in fact!

Cake tins! They are not necessarily beautiful or expensive but have meaning or memories.  There was the biggest cake tin ever from my mother.  I am not sure what she used it for though!  Maybe not even a cake but cooking something on the stove.  Then there is the three tiered one – great for instagramming three different varieties of food and for taking for picnics especially as they are unbreakable.

Recently I purchased in a local but upmarket gift shop a gorgeous tin.  It was imported – french.  The biscuits were of little significance but the tin!  Well I had to have it and especially as it was discounted. I adore it and of course it is useful.

In Barcelona last year I would pass a wonderful shop on my way to my hotel and stare through the glass.  I had to see those tins….well maybe a gift for a relative.  The shop assistants were a little surprised that I did not want it filled with some of the sweets…no! Just the tin….well there were two as I couldn’t decide.  Only much later did I realize they were French not Spanish.  I carried them in my back pack for the next three  weeks in Spain and Portugal where they were used for socks and underwear  (clean of course).

Closer to home I keep an eye out in 2nd hand local shops to find new gems.  But they don’t just to be a pretty tin – it is lovely to take a party offering in one of my tins – so much more intresting than a cardboard box (and environmentally friendly).  Just make sure you take it home or you may never see it again.

To all those mother’s who receive a tin of something special on Mother’s Day whatever it may contain – home made or shop bought treasure it and enjoy the memories.

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1 Response to Cake Tin Fetish

  1. Anne says:

    Pam, I have just made my third, successful Bundt cake…thankyou for your wonderful knowledge and enthusiasm 😀


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