Six months ago I adopted a greyhound from the local RSPCA.  Actually I had no plan to adopt one –  I just wantied to enquire about adopting one.

Twenty four hours later and she was mine!  I added a Q to her name to make her sound a little more exotic!  But like any new ‘parent’ I had no idea what to do with her.

Previously we had a Jack Russell  who died earlier in the year aged 17!  A much loved family pet.  Albeit one who left his mark on many friends and family!  Scars and bites but lots of lovely  memories too.   However first born son had suggested a greyhound as a new pet.  I hesitated as I thought they were too thin though I did know a companion greyhound who was had the sweetest and gentle creature.  The owner was a wheel chair bound neighbour.

Six months on and I have learnt SO much about greyhounds but felt I still knew nothing about their history.

Ironically a trip to the library looking for book club suggestions I came across some books on greyhounds.  The first one I opened had a delayed message for me….

“Try and find out as much as possible about greyhounds BEFORE making a decision to adopt”


I knew nothing.  I registered her.  When I was asked what colour she was I replied ‘brown’! ‘You probably mean ‘fawn’ was her reply.

This call was about having to have SusieQ accessed for the required green collar which meant she did have to continue to wear her muzzle  in public.  RSPCA advised this was necessary as well as Susie had not raced but had had two litters, was described as ‘special needs’ (a mild heart murmur and decayed teeth….it seems quite prevalent with greyhounds apparently).

SO an appointment was made for her to go to boot camp.  This was my description!  It consisted of a three day programme for her to be ‘de programmed ‘.  It is run by the Greyhound Adoption Programne to make them suitable for life post racing as a suitable family or companion pet

Long story short!  She failed boot camp as she did not socialize well with other dogs her own size.  However what was interesting the GAP programme advised me she had in fact raced!  No I told them…..she hasn’t.  But SusieQ has a tattoo in her ear which reveals she has.  Not only has she raced but won almost $20,000 in prize money with ten wins and fifteen places.  So SusieQ what a life you have had.  A racing career and then when you had reached your use by date you were bred to supply more champions to the greyhound industry.  And a poor unsuspecting naive family adopted you!

The GAP issued me with details of her parents, even grandparents!   And a diary of her racing career!  And litters and father of her puppies.  And a diary of all of her races with places.

She settled in well.  A coach potato that I had heard about and two walks a day.  Getting her into the car was a problem so walks were local.  Then Christmas Day with family visiting she suddenly jumped in the car so now walks in the local Botanical Gardens are a daily occasion or a trip to a local cricket field where I let her off her lead and she will chase tennis balls.  And she is F A S T!

A strange twist of fate led us to more of SusieQ s history when my youngest son visited and we were making a road trip.  We stopped for a coffee and took Susie for a stroll.  And as you do in a small friendly town you get to chatting to the locals.  This particular local had a serious interest in greyhounds and when we revealed her racing name Stealthy Blonde he with the help of his smart phone revealed that two of her litter were racing locally ìs a few days time.

So we did our money as neither of them were placed but it was interesting to see the similarity between mother and son (s).  It was our first foray into greyhound racing and probably helped me understand our greyhound a little better.

The story of the life of SusieQ continues however as it appears four from each litter are racers including one owned by a well known AFL player.  I have discovered this as I had wondered if SusieQ would like a companion and maybe one of her puppies might like to retire with her.

The story continues….

Dog Treat recipes

YES…..I bake a few treats for SUSIEQ which she is happy to share with her doggie mates.  The main reason I do this as I feel there are a lot of artificial products used in many of dog treats.  And these are very easy.

2 cups of wholemeal flour
1 cup rolled oats
1 egg
2 T molasses
1/4 cup oil

Method: Mix all ingredients together adding sufficient water to combine to make a thick paste.  Dust your bench with flour and roll out to a similiar width as you would a pastry.  Using a biscuit cutter cut shapes and put on parchment paper.  Re roll leftover mixture and do the same till you use up all mixture.

Bake in moderate oven till they are crisp.  Similiar to a anzac biscuit.  Cool and put in airtight tin.

I often sandwich them together with peanut butter or grated cheese mixed with some cream cheese.  A friend gifted me some cutters in the shape of a bone which makes a fun gift for a doggie mate.


1/2 cup each of peanut butter and mashed banana
2 eggs
3/4 cup SR wholemeal flour & 1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 water.

Method:  Combine peanut butter, banana and eggs and beat by hand. Add flour, oats and water until just combined.  Spoon mixture into cupcake cases and bake on 180c for 6 -8 minutes.  Cool. Whipped cream cheese can be served on top as a special treat.

This recipe comes from Pet Cookbook by Kim McCosker



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