My Love Affair With Pears


It all started with a box of pears from the fruit shop for $8.  They were ‘Jonathon’ I was told.  What to do with a whole box when there was only of me!

As I had been making a lot of chutneys with tomatoes and plums I made some fairly ordinary chutneys before heading off to may favourite passion -baking!

First there was upside down pear cake,  then a Sicilian breakfast cake with pear and chocolate, a pear and cardarmon cake and finally poached pears.

Whoever knew these pears could be so darn delicious.  Most of us have been exposed to the canned/tinned variety in an all too sweet syrup as children. BUT these are an adult version.  Again sugar syrup (I used half white/half brown sugar) but flavored with vanilla, cloves, star anise, brings them to a new luxurious level.  Breakfast with yoghourt (preferably greek style) and  muesli or dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Delicious and looking delicious.

I have finally finished my box of pears….enjoying the last of them fresh or on a cheese platter or in a salad.

Recipe for Poached Pears

1 – 2 star anise
1 vanilla bean
2 cloves
1 stick cinnamon
1 slice lemon
1 cup each of white and brown sugar

Mix all ingredients together in a large saucepan slowly bring to boil making sure the sugar is dissolved

Peel 4 to 6 pears and leave either whole or slice in two and remove seeds (a melon baller is perfect for this).  Add to syrup mixture and gently poach till tender.  The time will depend on the size of the pear and ripeness.

Remove pears with a slotted spoon and cool.  Bring poaching liquid to boil ans simmer until syrupy.  Add pears and cool.

The poaching liquid is just delicious too.  Pour it over some ice cream or make a cocktail if that is your want


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